Sandra Bacall


Sandra Bacall is the vortex of what happens when Kurt Weill, Nina Simone, Hank Williams, and Leadbelly meet in Purgatory to plan their ascent into Heaven, only to get the coordinates all wrong, and end up in a bar on Pico St. in the City of the Angels, with Tom Waits tinkering away on the 88s...

Sandra's music reflects her geography & biography. She was born in the Black Forest of Germany, moved to Harlem at age 15, Cochise County, and then on to Los Angeles. That wasn't exciting enough, so she moved to Rwanda, lived in Africa for three years, and sailed the Red Sea... full circled back to Los Angeles and moved into a 3rd World hut on top of a mountain in Topanga Canyon, with an outhouse and a wolfdog. In April 1990, she met Joe Higgs, of the Wailers, who had a sweet harmony school in Jamaica. Joe became her musical mentor in Los Angeles.

In 2003 she got the wake up call. Mowed down, airborne, she went flying through the summer sky when a confused old man drove through a farmers' market in California, in which ten people were killed and 69 injured. Her famous shoe ended up in the New York Times, on top of the old man's Buick, God gave her a kick in the ass. She decided then to make a musical manifesto of love & pain, confusion, magic, & adventure:

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